IITB Editorial Head @ IIT Tech Ambit

Duration: Jan ‘21 - Present
Motivation: To write and share stories on science, tech and business!

International Linkage Degree Program @ Hiroshima Univ

Duration: Dec ‘20
Motivation: Get exposure to research and technologies for attaining SDGs!

Machine Learning Research Internship @ Coulomb AI

Duration: July ‘20 - Aug ‘20
Motivation: Get some practical experience of ML in tech domain!

Technology Scouting Internship @ AIRBUS

Duration: July ‘20 - Aug ‘20
Motivation: Contribute to technology development for aerospace applications!

Strategy Consulting Virtual Experience Program @ BCG

Duration: June ‘20
Motivation: Get an overview of what kind of work a consultant does!

Summer of Science @ Maths & Physics Club IITB

Duration: Apr ‘20 - May ‘20
Motivation: Study the fascinating 2D Materials and make lockdown productive!

Design Engineer (Dynamics) @ Hyperloop IITB

Duration: Feb ‘20 - Present
Motivation: Explore future mobility technology and compete internationally!

In-Semester Undergraduate Research Program @ IITB

Duration: Sep ‘19 - Jan ‘20
Motivation: Dive into magnetic materials that help improve energy efficiency!

Seasons of Code @ Web & Coding Club IITB

Duration: May ‘19 - June ‘19
Motivation: Get some hands-on experience in coding & web development!

Junior Design Engineer (Materials) @ Team Shunya IITB

Duration: Feb ‘19 - Jan ‘20
Motivation: Contribute towards sustainability and get tech team experience!